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Jurassic jazz and jewellery

Project type

Showcase lighting

Russia, late 1980s. Jura leads a "double life" in Saint Petersburg, an important industrial, cultural and scientific center. By day, Jura is a petrochemical engineer. In the evenings he does what he likes best: making jazz music. It is as versatile as its home port.

Days fly by. From the lab to the stage. To bed and back to the lab. And in between, Jura makes enough time for his family. Until he is suddenly faced with a choice that could change his life. He is invited to follow the jazz course at the conservatory in Arnhem. As one of the first Russian students ever.

Jura doesn't hesitate for a moment and decides to follow his passion. He leaves for the Netherlands with his family, where he soon becomes a teacher and celebrates successes as a musician. He tours with the band HalfPast MidNight and with Curtis Knight, mentor of the acclaimed Jimi Hendrix. So not the least.

But then, in 2003, something happens that turns Jura's intense life as a musician upside down. He falls, breaks his fibula and tibia and sustains trauma to his shoulder. He can't play drums anymore...

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