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  • Do you also supply custom Spots?
    We have different types of spots and also custom-made spots that are specially tailored to the customer. Download here our overview of LED spots with different sizes and powers. Our customization consists of: - Different shape - Different housing color - Different LED color (Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Various White shades)
  • Which LEDs do you use?
    Answer: We only use CREE and Nichia LEDs for our spots. These are somewhat more expensive LEDs, but these are the best LEDs among the LEDs. Advantages of these LEDs: - Longer lifespan. - Higher Lumen per Watt ratio (Less energy consumption) - Less gradient in brightness - Lower color temperatures of 2400k or 2700k and 3000k instead of 3200k and higher.
  • What is the difference between a 12 Volt and a 24 Volt Strip?
    Answer: The difference is in the resistors on the strip, which have a higher value. The advantage of a 24 volt strip is that less current goes through the strip and also goes through the controller. Which means that much longer length can be made. For example, a controller on 12 volts can control 25 meters and with 24 volts 50 meters. For theaters and long LED strips we also have LED strips with a current control to keep the light intensity per LED the same
  • Can I add an image, video, or gif to my questions?
    Yes. To add media you need to follow these steps: Go to the app settings Click on 'Manage Questions' Create or select the question you want to add media to When editing your reply, click on the video, image or GIF icon Add media from your library and click 'Save'.
  • How do I add a new question and answer?
    Follow the following steps to add new FAQs: Click the 'Manage questions' button From your site's dashboard, click 'Add question' and add a new question and answer Each new question must be assigned to a category Then click on 'Save' and then on 'Publish'. You can always edit your questions and answers, change the order and select other categories.
  • How can I edit or delete the title?
    You can customize the title of the FAQs in the layouts. If you don't want to display the title, you can easily disable it under 'Information'.
  • Cooling off period
    You have a cooling-off period of 30 days to return the product without giving any reason. An exception to this are products specially assembled for you or products specially ordered for you. The product can only be returned if the product is still unused in the original, undamaged and unopened packaging. You bear the costs of the return shipment (and the shipping to you) yourself. Any amounts already paid will be refunded to you within a maximum of 14 days, possibly with deduction of the above (shipping) costs.
  • What kind of customization does LEDw@re
    LEDw@re supplies customized LED products for companies and individuals. Our custom products are: - Stainless Steel Furniture, lamps or other stainless steel products with LED - Woodwork with LED / wooden lamps - LED conversion lamps - Customized LED strips - Hanging lamps of 12 meters and more
  • What are frequently asked questions?
    Frequently asked questions can be used to quickly answer general questions about your business, such as 'Where can products be shipped?', 'What are the opening hours?', or 'How can I book a service?'. FAQs make it easy for people to navigate your site and improve your site's SEO.
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